OPPORTUNITY: “Transience” exhibit at Gelman Gallery

Transience: Call for Submissions

For proposed Gelman Gallery Exhibition


Transience makes its mark on our collective experience. Traditions of the wanderer, narratives of the migrant, displacements of the exiled, privileges of the third culture kids and everything in between; we move, we reposition, we evolve, we regress.

We move for family, for school, for security, for jobs, for love, for survival, for financial necessity and for opportunity.

We move voluntary and involuntary, through borders, physical and psychological, geographical and territorial, historical and temporal. We move with entitlement, we move despite restrictions, we move by force and we move by choice.

Is your work about transience? What makes you move?

This show is a proposed show for Gelman in the Fall of 2010.

Please submit to jgarzac@g.risd.edu:

– Name / Major / Year

– Jpegs or links to your work (- or a proposal for an site-specific installation in the gallery)

– If necessary, a description of how your work deals with the Nomadic experience

Questions Please contact:

Jennifer Garza-Cuen




Ambereen Siddiqui




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