Yeadon nominated for 2010 World Technology Award

On June 24th and 25th, many of the world’s most visionary thinkers and organizations will come together in New York City for the 9th annual World Technology Summit & Awards. The two-day summit is organized by The World Technology Network (WTN) in association with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Time Magazine, Fortune, CNN, Science Magazine, and others, to celebrate the accomplishments of the world’s great innovators and thought-leaders.

WTN Chairman James P. Clark has formally notified Peter Yeadon that he has been nominated for a 2010 World Technology Award. The nominees for the award were first selected by a large group of WTN founding members and fellows, which includes: Bill Moggridge, Chee Pearlman, Issey Miyake, Karim Rashid, Paola Antonelli, Ron Arad, Ross Lovegrove, Santiago Calatrava, William McDonough, Jonathan Ive, Hiroshi Ishii, Yves Behar, and many more.

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