Yeadon at the United Nations

Peter Yeadon was recently invited to United Nations Headquarters, in New York, to participate in a two-day work session that focused on “How Creative Economies can lead to a Culture of Peace.” This initiative was part of a consultative process to advance resolution A/64/L.5 article 11 of the United Nations General Assembly. The session was promoted by the UNDP Special Unit for South-South Cooperation (SU/SSC), UNESCO, and UN-HABITAT, and will be coordinated and implemented by UN’s Culture of Peace Economic Initiative unit.

Three working groups were organized to focus on the creative economy as an engine for global economic growth. The appointed chairs were: Mrs. Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka, UN Under-Secretary General, UN-HABITAT Executive Director; Mr. John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor, Former President of Ghana (2001-2009); Dr. John Kao, Chairman of the Institute for Large-Scale Innovation (ILSI). Peter was asked to join the working group focusing on sustainable development in cities. By embracing aspects of culture, technology and economics at macro and micro levels, it is thought that the creative economy can open new ways of capitalizing on existing creative capacities of the Global South as a tool for promoting development.


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