OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE: Summer in Copenhagen

Francois Gramoli shares about his experience in this summer in Copenhagen:

Summer has begun, and new incoming students are on their way to RISD for Fall. But before they make it to Providence, the first stop for a few of them is Copenhagen, Denmark. The summer program called Architecture and Design, taught at the Danish Institute for Study abroad (DIS), started June 30th. It is part of the curriculum for IntAr students at RISD entering the Master [in Interior Architecture, Intervention and Adaptive Reuse] directly in its second year.  An Opening Ceremony was held for the students upon arrival. A band played Danish classical music to welcome the new students before a speech from the department head, Johanne Riegels Østergård. Despite the jetlag, the first week was filled with events and the 7 weeks program started. Among the 127 students enrolled at DIS this year, 8 of them will be part of the RISD class of 2012. The DIS program is also an occasion for the new students to meet before classes start in Providence September 15th.

Francois Gramoli is a Graduate student in the Master’s of Interior Architecture Program.


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