40 km solar ribbon for the UAE

Archinect has announced that the very first submission to appear on the Land Art Generator competition website is a flexible photovoltaic ribbon that is 40 kilometers long and features integrated dye-sensitized solar cells. The design, entitled Light Generator : An Empowered Landscape for the United Arab Emirates, was created by Martina Decker and Peter Yeadon, in response to the call for a large public art installation for Dubai that could also generate electricity. Calibrated optimally, the Decker Yeadon installation would use third-generation photovoltaic coatings to generate 4592 megawatt hours (16530 gigajoules) of energy annually.

While the winner of the competition will not be announced until January 2011,  numerous publications and blogs have already been commenting on the Light Sanctuary project, including: TimeOut Dubai, Inhabitat, FastCompany, The National (Abu Dhabi), Design Indaba (South Africa), and others. The project will also be among a selection of entries to be featured in a book that is currently being developed by the competition organizers and a publisher. It will also appear in the October issue of INTÉRIEURS magazine, in an article on five global solar energy initiatives.


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