Special Projects: Sustainability in the Developing World

This month and until July 10th, three students of the IntAR Department will follow the steps or their fellow students who went to India last summer to participate in a unique experience. Ricardo, Sruthi and Francois are going to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a program led by Sergio Palleroni, Professor and Fellow of the Center for Sustainable Practices and Processes at Portland State University. This year’s program will focus on sustainable design in the villas of Buenos Aires. Called Villas, these slums are a type of vernacular architecture growing around the city, on land that is undesirable. The “villas” [pronounced veecha] are often without electricity and no running water nor sewage. They are built quickly, sometimes overnight, by immigrants arriving to Buenos Aires. A team of designers from various universities including Portland State University, University of Texas and RISD will work on interventions around the city and specifically in the villa of Piletones. In forms of charettes the students will produce a design and get involved with officials and representatives of the city’s different organizations and groups.








The blog will cover some updates and news about this summer program to which RISD students can apply.

For more info:



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