Paris-Belleville School of Architecture [adaptive reuse]

Fellow IntAR followers,

Happy fresh start for 2012.

Check out this video promoting the School of Architecture Paris-Belleville. The video relates the way the school is organized but also let you have a glance at the very interesting adaptive reuse project in the heart of Paris. The school, formerly located in a beautiful old Meccano factory, needed room as the amount of students had increased over the past decade. With the rehabilitation of three very different buildings from various eras, all empty and available a few blocks away from the old location, the architect Jean-Paul Philippon managed to connect them to make a unique school of architecture in the French Capital. The creation of a new building in its center built a core for the school and host the library. The main street facade on the boulevard, the former Diderot Technical High School, benefited from a very humble renovation, and the history of the building is still present in its architectural language. The rest of the school opens onto a courtyard, with modern facades.

Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville

Watch the video for a tour!



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