Urban Exploration

Abandoned coal mine complex - Chile

Urban exploration is the act of exploring spaces not intended for public use, such as abandoned buildings and city infrastructure. Though dangerous and fundamentally considered by many to be ‘illegal’, it is nonetheless a fascinating and thrilling activity, especially for the adventurous one who appreciates architecture, urban decay, and good old-fashioned exploration. It is also very much related to interior architecture and adaptive reuse, with many spaces no longer being used for their original intent, and having potential for adaptive reuse. Urban explorers encounter all kinds of these amazing and fascinating spaces that normally have no opportunity to be seen. Luckily, for those of us that aren’t dedicated urban explorers, we can enjoy these spaces vicariously through the photos and documentation provided by these brave and daring people.

There are now numerous on-line communities and resources dedicated to urban exploration. One in particular though is called Infiltration. It was started by Ninjalicious, a legendary man within the urban exploration community. He originally began it as a magazine, which now includes an accompanying website and he has even published a book. The website is comprehensive, including exploration documentation, discussion of its theory, and links to other resources. Enjoy!



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