Remington Arms Studio – Bridgeport Connecticut

During the first half of the semester, students from Interior Architecture, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture have teamed up in an interdisciplinary studio to develop park space within the City of Bridgeport, CT. Beginning with various parks within Bridgeport, students developed designs that helped to improve the current conditions within these parks. Issues like corrosion to the water’s edge, and functional pier seating were explored. In tangent with the various sites, different building materials like gravel and wood were investigated to help execute design improvements. Each student then built aone-to-one model, using a specified material, to exhibit his or her park improvement.

After a collective group analysis of Bridgeport and its demographics, the Remington Arms Factory site has become the focus of a master plan that helps to revitalize this large park space. The Remington Arms Factory, in its heyday, was the largest factory on earth, but was demolished at the end of 2011 leaving nothing but obliterated bricks to show its former existence. Students are beginning to develop this park space to help bring the neighborhood back into this 2-mile long site. The landscape, circulation paths, and athletic fields are all being designed in a way that helps revitalize the site. The historical and visual presence of the Remington Arms factory becomes a key feature that students are addressing within their master plans.

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