MA Adaptive Reuse Studio–John La Farge & Soft Interventions

The studio focuses on adaptive reuse in the city of Newport, RI through the support of the Van Beuren Charitable Foundation. The site for the project is the Newport Congregational Church. Built in 1857, the NCC significance lies with the interior and the work of American artists, John La Farge. La Farge was commissioned to execute a mural and stained glass decorative program with the church’s expansive sanctuary. It is one of the first times La Farge began experimenting with opalescent glass. The church is now on the National Register of Historic Places.


The studio is part of the final sequence in the MA — Interior Architecture program. It will be taught collaboratively with a seminar researching innovative types of architectural interventions, specifically with fabric and new technology.

This past week, the studio went on their first site visit to the church for surveying, and recently completed a work study model. They are also beginning to learn how to sew fabric for their final installation pieces into the project.





image-4image image-6


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