MA Adaptive Reuse Studio Midreview and Fabrication

For the past few weeks the MA Adaptive Reuse Studio has been investigating both individual design proposals for the NCC Church in Newport, RI while also working together in groups to propose three different “soft intervention” installation designs for the exhibition that is taking place this summer.


Just this past week the group presented their proposals to a group of architects, historians, and leaders from the Van Beuren and La Farge Foundations dealing directly with the project itself. Issues such as construction near graveyards, ADA, and IBC codes were all brought up within the critiques, but overall, there was positive feedback and excitement for all of the projects and to keep pushing forward.


Moving ahead on the project involves finalizing designs, redefining the exhibition to incorporate all three design proposals, ordering materials, and designing the tectonics of the installation for a safe, and well designed exhibition space. While the students are displaying their own program proposals, they are also planning to highlight the other 6 RISD student projects that are also being installed into the space. The following weeks will also bring about the fabrication and construction stages of the project leading up to the final design critique May 20th with the exhibition opening to follow immediately after!




Photo Feb 25, 4 27 29 (1)



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