Locally Made

A cult-like theme has taken over the RISD campus and surrounding community. Announcements and signifiers can be found throughout campus, in our email inbox’s, and every time you find yours self close to the RISD Museum or at a local coffee house. But what really is Locally Made?

RISD Museum is currently exhibiting Locally Made through November 3, 2023. This extensive undertaking “expands across several RISD Museum galleries with multiple components, celebrating the rich and diverse talent in Providence and nearby communities. The exhibition encompasses paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, film, and video”.

 At the epicenter of the exhibit is One Room, an experimental space where artists, designers, performers, and other community innovators share their ideas and processes through daily talks, creative experiments and art demonstrations.

This past weekend Anna Kaziunas France, held a workshop on 3D printing. Anna teaches the “How to Make (Almost) Anything” rapid prototyping course in digital fabrication at the Fab Academy at AS220- http://www.as220.org/fabacademy/. She is also the Dean of Students for the Global Fab Academy program. Later, that day architect, Bob Pavlik held Office Hours for his Backyard Workshop in which he experiments with materials and methods of making, declaring war on the generic architectural box. With the goal of finding more efficient uses of materials, he has created a series of critical questions and empirical testing.Image

There is still more to come! This Saturday, Scot Bailey, architect and furniture designer will hold Office Hours on CNC. He will be showing objects formed by various methods of CNC fabrication.


Locally Made
 Contemporary Art 
July 12 –November 3, 2013

3 galleries | 300 artists | 4 months

For more information about Locally Made and other upcoming One Room programming, please visit: 



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