Field Trip for TIFFANY Store in New York city!

Elsa Peretti Studio” that was what everyone called it. It is the world of perfect form and elegant design is what we keep observing and looking at and not just beautiful jewelry. For most of the people it is always the stunning shape and object that they consider as “piece of art”. But, for me it is the design that has logic and story behind is the one that has the most interesting process and attractive looks. Of course, this doesn’t mean that ANYTHING with a nice story is great and perfect, NO! But, I’m just trying to make a point here…


So, on a visit to Tiffany store in NewYork, there was a nice presentation held for us in which we were told a beautiful story about a great designer Elsa Peretti and how she was inspired by modest and everyday-objects from nature and then portrayed them differently, revealing what her eyes and mind perceived. It has always been strikingly amazing to me how great designs are usually inspired from the simplest things that exist around us all the time, or sometimes things that we grow with but never realize how inspiring they are to us..

DSC_0004 Tiffany-Elsa-Peretti_615

So, we were taken on a tour mainly to look at Elsa Peretti’s big collection of design pieces. It was really wonderful looking at the pieces, discussing and asking questions and daydreaming about wearing them and owning them and all that stuff. It was so much fun and appreciative than just looking at them on the website.

IMG_20140220_174322 IMG_20140220_174311 IMG_9471 DSC_0027

Overall, it was enlightening and motivating, moreover it was exciting. I hope we all get to the point of designing with happiness, enjoyment and gratification, Good luck to everyone on their projects.

Group pic at tiffany

Thanks for the people who inspired us and gave us motivation to keep going and also people who arranged for our visit and nice presentation and tour.

Caterina Tiazzoldi, Elsa Peretti, Frank Arcaro, Raffaella Vartuli, Stefano Palumbo and

Linda Buckley.

From Rana R Maad


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