Job Resources

Take Full Advantage of the job search resources

• Find, apply for and achieve the jobs, internships and opportunities that are right for you through these handouts and links.

Seeking Jobs & Internships Handout

Job & Internship Tips For International Students Handout

TCG BLOG: Career Insights for Creative Professionals


jobs resources @ Delicious

Best Creative Job Boards – All Disciplines

Job Boards – Design Disciplines

Job Boards – Fine Arts Disciplines

Job Boards – All Disciplines – Extensive Listing

Placement Agencies – All Disciplines


career center job board subscriptions

• Contact the Career Center for ‘usernames’ and ‘passwords’.

ArtJob – Fine Arts Opportunities

Current Jobs for Graduates – Fine Arts & Design Disciplines

ArtSearch – Theater-Related Opportunities


essential job resources

ArtWorks – RISD’s Job & Internship Board

Indeed – The Premiere Job Search Site – All Disciplines

NYFA – Premiere Job Search Site – Fine Arts Disciplines

Coroflot – Premiere Job Search Site – Design Disciplines

Idealist – Worldwide Listings of Nonprofit & Volunteer Opportunities

RICOMJOB – Rhode Island Community Jobs


portfolio reviews & internship connect event

• These events connect you with companies and arts organizations who are interested in seeing RISD talent for current and future opportunities.

RISD Design & Fine Arts Portfolio Reviews

Internship Connect Event


tips & advice

TCG BLOG: Career Insights for Creative Professionals

A Product of Art School on Getting Into Product: A RISD Grad’s Advice for Job Hunting


career search strategies

• Develop career search strategies that move beyond job boards.
• Our discipline specific presentations offer extensive resources.

Career Planning by Year

Discipline Specific Presentations


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