… integrative thinking enables us all to discover the nature of the world and the world of human nature. It encompasses all ways and means of expressing, representing, modeling, simulating, and demonstrating our knowledge and experiences.

-Todd Siler

Todd Siler’s perception of the power of integrative thinking, reinforced by the belief that the sharing of ideas, visions and insights you have brought to RISD and which you have analyzed, strengthened, reevaluated or newly acquired during your first year in the Division of Foundation Studies, will form the basis for our exploration into the discipline and the particular spatial realm of Interior Architecture.

Bernhard Tschumi argues, “that architecture is, first and foremost a form of knowledge, much like mathematics, philosophy or art.” And he continues by explaining: “One of its most important functions is to generate ideas and concepts about the world we live in.”

Throughout the term, and in the time to come, the quintessential methodology will be to critically observe this world, to formulate questions and to thoroughly investigate answers to a myriad of problems. The analysis of user behavior, social interactions and human activities, and the employment of concepts pertaining to the human sciences support the endeavor of finding an expression, a materialization of acquired knowledge in the Gestalt of a physical space.

The translation of knowledge and experiences  into spatial concepts requires the unique visual tool of twoand three-dimensional thinking, the ability to represent the vision in drawing and model form, and to communicate analytical work and research as well as the resulting thesis or idea verbally and in concise written form.

1. GUMMI BEARS by Jaden Andrea

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_003

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_0062. SLIDES by Jaz Bonnin

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_011PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_017

3. MEMBRANE by Maria Cano-Flavia

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_020PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_0264. WATERFALL by An Huang

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_031PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_034

5. FORM CYLINDERS by Anya Smith

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_083
PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_085
6. STRAWS by Shanaiya Maloo

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_078PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_075PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_069

7. WEAVING by Jenny Lu

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_064PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_063

8. MESH by Daniela Longoria Quintanilla

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_059PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_055

9. FLOSS by Nicole Im

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_050PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_049

10. TEABAGS by Yu-Wen Hwang

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_039PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_042PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_043

11. CHOPSTICKS by Dooho Won

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_091PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_093PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_094

12. MOLECURES by Jill Shixiaoci Yu

PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_101PROJECT I_Oct 9 2014_Drawings included_Page_105The amazing works above are from sophomore year students in INTAR. And this is just their very first work in INTAR. There is no doubt that they are going to create more unbelievable and unpredictable works in the next 3 years.

Thanks for the great support from Wolfgang Max Rudorf (the instructor of this studio).

From Zhuang Tian (Viola)


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