“From Immaterial to Material” Final

With only three weeks to design and build a bench (or similar) this is what we came up with! The course was led by Tucker Houlihan, and students were mostly grads from INTAR plus a few in glass and architecture.

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INTAR alumn to give TED Talk

Sarah Adeel (MIA ’09) has been selected to speak at the TEDx conference in Islamabad, Pakistan. She will be presenting her research on orphanages, and how the family and community structures tie in to their design. This research began during her Degree Project here at RISD, and she has received a Fullbright Scholarship to continue her honorable work. Sarah aims to help underprivileged children by developing systems and designs that better cater to their most basic needs, and furthermore, to allow them to achieve a higher sense of self purpose.

Since her return to Pakistan, Sarah has been working at USEFP as a consultant. She is also a part of the curriculum development team for the department of Art, Design and Architecture at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. She intends to develop a body of work focusing on orphanages in South Asia.

Her presentation will stream live through the TEDx Margalla site on December 4, at 1:30pm EST.

Also at this site you can find out more on the internet phenomena that are TED and TEDx (the local, independently-organized version of TED.)

INTAR Summer Stories

Poster designed by Jordan Bissett

This Pecha-Kucha lunch lecture will be the first of a series dishing up student summer stories. If you have one you’d like to share for the next lecture, please e-mail Lisa Klinger: lklinger@g.risd.edu or if you’d like to share it on this blog, e-mail intarview@gmail.com.

Ed Mazria speaks 1-on-1 with INTAR students on his 2030 Challenge

At the brink of the “Better World by Design” conference, Kurt Teichert and John Jacobson organized a special treat for their students in Adaptive Buildings – Energy Efficiency: A visit from none other than Ed Mazria, founder of Architecture 2030. The “2030 Challenge” summons all those involved in the building sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the onslaught of climate change.

Although Mazria presented to a large audience on Brown campus for the conference, INTAR students were privy to an informal close-quarters discussion in one of the 6th floor classrooms. As a group we spoke about some of the challenges we face as architects/designers-in-training in meeting sustainability challenges –- particularly within the realm of adaptive reuse — while he underpinned the importance of our generation to solve such problems.

Mazria also stressed the idea that every design studio should deal with this issue of sustainability — that it be embedded in every architecture-related curriculum. A seminar on energy efficiency should not simply be an elective, but a requirement for all design students, especially if we are to meet such bold but necessary challenges as the stop of climate change.