MDes 1st Year Studio- Chess Club

The 1st year MDes students just finished a chess club adaptive reuse project. Since this project was about how we apply the concept and chess language architecturally into an existing 1,000 sq. feet space, all involved called it a ”mind game”. It was nice to see 3 sections start researching and working from different aspects to achieve the same goal. Some of us focused on the surrounding environment and the adaptability of the building, while others focused on the circulation and the program. Some did an excellent translation from chess language such as castling, check mate, promotion and capture to the existing space. Others touched on furniture and the interior furnishing system. Whether one focused on drawings, models or diagrams all did an excellent job!


Int/AR department exhibition @ woods-gerry

This exhibition is a representation of the philosophy behind the Interior Architecture Department at RISD. Students are given the opportunity to explore many different mediums, from raw to finished, 2D to 3D, and sometimes 4D products. Such exploration lets us as designers push the boundaries of the interior architecture field. New discoveries and intersecting crossroads lead us to see the best results. Thus this triennial show exhibits the hands on quality of experimentation in the design process, as a mean of developing the final project.