Elaborated compiled with grounded research and creative ideas, the highly expected work:INTAR JOURNAL VOL.5 has finally launched. The main topic of this version is mostly about Resilience and Adaptability. The book launch meeting shortly started with the introduction by the head of interior architecture department Lilian Wong. As the special editor for this book, Damian White (the head of the department of History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences and coordinator of the pilot program in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies at RISD)  gave a vivid and emotional lecture about Environmental Sociology and Urban Political Ecology.

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Thanks for special guest: Damian White

From Zhuang Tian (Viola)


Int/AR department exhibition @ woods-gerry

This exhibition is a representation of the philosophy behind the Interior Architecture Department at RISD. Students are given the opportunity to explore many different mediums, from raw to finished, 2D to 3D, and sometimes 4D products. Such exploration lets us as designers push the boundaries of the interior architecture field. New discoveries and intersecting crossroads lead us to see the best results. Thus this triennial show exhibits the hands on quality of experimentation in the design process, as a mean of developing the final project.

Int|AR Journal volume 3 is out!

“Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.” Ezra Pound, Make it New 1934

A celebration on the launch of the Int|AR V03
and a panel discussion on general issues of the preservation of modern architecture and the V03 article on Richard Neutra’s US Embassy in Karachi.
Int|AR Volume 03 Journal Launch
April 5, 5pm
CIT, Room 103

Weybosset Facade

There’s a new banner on the iconic Providence National Bank facade! What’s going on you ask? Here’s the scoop…

Located just down the street from our CIT building on Weybosset St. in downtown Providence, this facade was supposed to be incorporated into a new building being developed on the site. However, the building was never erected due to the real-estate crash, and so the facade has been idly awaiting its future for six years now. The facade will be made weather-tight, (allowing for incorporation into future development) and the large, supporting steel structures that currently occupy the sidewalk will be relocated to the rear, freeing the sidewalk for repair and pedestrian use once again. Great news!

Source: City of Providence, RI

Read the extended press-release here

Visiting Guest Lecturer!

Portuguese Architect João Santa-Rita will be giving a lecture at the Chase Center on December 1st! Among many projects, he will unveil the adaptive reuse of the XVI century Palace Casa dos Bicos for the headquarters of Nobel Prize winner José Saramago Foundation, opening in Lisbon in the Spring 2012.

João Santa-Rita graduated in architecture from the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon (1983).  In 1990 he founded the Atelier Santa-Rita Arquitectos in 1990, together with José D. Santa-Rita.

Since 1996 he has lectured and taught in many academic institutions such as Universidade Lusofona; Universidade Moderna Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon; and was a Visiting professor – SCALA – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Since 1998 he has been teaching as a Visiting Professor at Autonoma University.

João Santa-Rita participated in individual exhibitions such as the Triennale Di Milano (1996), and was selected in the International Competition of Ideas, Citta terzo millenio, to be integrated in the Catalogue of the Biennale Di Venezia 2000.

In 2010 he participated in an Exhibition of architectural drawings, at La Galerie D´Architecture, in Paris (France), which included drawings of Aldo Rossi, Alvaro Siza, CODA, Edouard François, Le Corbusier, and Renzo Piano among others.

Santa-Rita Arquitectos work was awarded in several international competitions such as the Honourable Mention on the International Competition for the Revitalization of the Ulugh Beg Center in Samarkand (former USSR) and the first place in the International Competition for the Urban Plan for Almada Nascente in association with Richard Rogers Partnership and Atkins.

Come check it out!

Design Charette for the Portfolio Café.

On Thursday, November 3rd, the professors of the department of Interior Architecture at RISD announced to the whole student body a design charette that would last from that Thursday morning until Saturday at noon.

The whole student body was randomly divided into 10 teams that were going to compete against each other, and propose a new design for the Portfolio Café, located in “15 West”, a student residence that houses the library and the café on its first floor.

Students met with their professors as well as the director of the dining services at RISD and the Portfolio Café chef. The cafe currently serves 500 meals/day, to students living in the residence, off campus students, as well as professionals working downtown. The issues with the current design were listed, and students took notes while on a tour of the cafe. Many improvements are needed, and a complete redesign is expected.

After three days [and late nights] of hard work, the 10 teams pinned up their work, for the jury to review it. After deliberation, a total of 4 runners up were selected. After a final selection that took place on Saturday afternoon, the jury decided to award a prize to the 2 ex-aqueous winning teams. They have been rewarded with a cash prize, and the runners-up won a chef’s dinner at the Cafe. The winning teams will also meet with the client as consultants for the design process.

This charette was a great opportunity for students of the department to work with each other, get to know one another. The connections between grads and undergrads is not always common. Having a busy schedule along with high work load does not allow for much collaboration on a daily basis. The project allowed students to finally know their classmates, while giving a insight of the design world, and its constant design charettes.


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In the ProJo!

In the ProJo!

INTAR’s 2 year M.Des students featured in the Providence Journal!

The work of Professor Liliane Wong’s students was featured in the Providence Journal. The students designed specialty furniture pieces for a homeless shelter in Woonsocket, RI, as part of their studio class.

RISD Parents and Alumni Week-end.

This week end is hold the annual parents and alumni week-end at RISD.  The School organizes an art sale on Benefit street. The second edition of the Int|Ar Journal is for sale at the fair.

The Journal volume two introduction:
Today about 50% of the overall US building industry, totaling $50 billion each year, is comprised of the transformation, adaptation or expansion of existing buildings. This journal addresses these issues of adaptive reuse by promoting creative explorations of this subject through exemplary works in which sustainability is one important facet. Its domain encompasses issues of preservation, conservation, alteration and interventions in the field of architecture and interior studies and practice, but also in the realms of urban and landscape design, and their repercussions in the history and theory of architecture, urbanism, art and design. This inaugural issue is a sampling of such explorations within these varied fields. Int|AR is positioned within RISD’s Department of Interior Architecture, whose focus is adaptive reuse. In existence since 1947, it is founded upon the leadership of its first department head, Ernst Lichtblau, a student of Otto Wagner grounded in the sensibilities of the Viennese Secession.

[Update] Awarded Students, Class of 2011

As promise, here is the update with the names of the awarded students for the Interior Architecture department, class of 2011.

Outstanding Degree Project: Jung Eun Lee, “Lost Space”

Drawing Prize: Jung Eun Lee

Best use of new media: Chad Echols

Outstanding Undergraduate Project: Parima Sukosi and Kseniya Kilishek

Student who made the greatest contribution to the well being of the Dept: Boback Firoozbakht

Dark Horse award: Jordan Bissett

Congrats Class of 2011.

As the end of the year finally arrived, it was time for Graduation. The Department of Interior Architecture held a graduation show for which the opening was Friday June 3rd. Refreshments and snacks were served before the names of the awarded graduating students were announced [list coming soon]. Parents walked around the 6th floor of the CIT building to take a look at the students work. Liliane Wong, the Department Head, gave a final speech and congratulated the graduating students for their exceptional work. Her graduation speech can be downloaded here: graduation 2011.

Graduation speech:

The work of Nobel laureate Jose Saramago frequently explores the delineations and divisions made
by lines drawn in physical and metaphoric space; lines drawn between action and inertia, between
birth and death, between what is and what might have been. We stand at such a line today – an
invisible partition between life as a student and life beyond.
Graduation occupies a special place on such a line, a sliver of space that is betwixt and between. A
place that we, both students and professors, have been working towards since the day each of
you was accepted at RISD. It is a point from which one can observe that which has just finished
and also contemplate that which lies ahead. It is a time when one is wished every success in life and
also the brief moment when one has the disinterest and distance to ponder the meaning of that
Success has many faces. In the global arena, the world has marveled at the success of the Arab
spring and the struggle for democracy. Nationally, President Obama lauded the success of the Navy
Seals operation in Pakistan. Much media attention was spent on the lack of success in Japan’s
efforts to contain the nuclear power plant despite the heroic efforts of many unnamed workers
who have risked their lives to do so. Speculation has taken place on the fall from success of
Dominique Strauss Kahn. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga’s meat dress has achieved notorious success.
According to Mark Twain “to succeed in life you need 2 things: ignorance and confidence”.
Even within our four walls, success, like Janus, has more than one face. Your achievements around
us today speak of accomplishment. The plans, sections, renderings here record the success of your
journey in Providence and in our Department. They demonstrate to your parents and family the
skills you have acquired. As part of your portfolio they will also demonstrate your creative abilities to
the professional world.
There is another kind of success here in this room, one that does not translate to lines and pixels. It
too has other faces, ones that you all know well. In many degree projects there is success in the
courage to undertake projects that push you farther than you have ever dared. In the unresolved or
incomplete project, there is the success of ambition and attempting ambitious works. In projects
with recurring queries over several semesters, there is the success of dogged and relentless
exploration. In huge undertakings involving 25 ft installations, sheets of plywood, enormous
quantities of sheetrock screws and several colleagues there is the success of sheer determination. In
modest projects, there is success in recognizing the commonplace and the democracy of design. It is
these at times impossibly long and arduous explorations that have guided you to this moment.
Standing on this line in that space between student days and professionalism, there is a brief
moment of clarity, not clouded by grades or fame, when we can see that these are the successes
that will hopefully keep you company for the longer journey. I’ve heard it said that success and
failure are good companions; that one is a hero and the other is its sidekick.
Where will you be next year? Ten years from now? I know that this speculation and the endless
portfolios and cover letters it entails have caused each of you anxiety this semester. Don’t worry. The
successes will come. But what will you take with you from here? Seneca said “It’s not because
things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are
difficult.” As you leave us, I wish that you take what you have lived here and venture far in your
successes but not so far that you don’t come back to us now and then.