The mission of the Int/AR view blog stands within the mission of RISD’s department of Interior Architecture and the mission of the INTAR Journal.

The Int|AR Journal and its web presence explore the inherently sustainable practices of adaptive reuse through multi-faceted investigations and paradigmatic examples. Its domain encompasses issues of design in preservation, conservation, alteration and interventions within architectural practice, urban and landscape design, and the history and theory of architecture, urbanism, art and design.

Intar/view was established in 2010 to promote the work of RISD Interior Architecture department and the Int|AR Journal. Ultimately the goal of the blog is to promote the significance of interventions and adaptive reuse.

The blog is student run, it functions as a platform for students to share their work and ideas around the topic of adaptive reuse.

Int|ARview posts articles and images submitted by students, alumni, faculty and other contributors related to the mission of the department and its journal. Student editors make editorial decisions with the support of department faculty.

The Int|ARview blog is seeking to extend its contributor base. If you have an idea for the blog please send it to: intarview@gmail.com


Kristen Bender Ma’13

Sarah Burgett-leutnet Mdes’14

Yiling Chu Mdes’15

Zhuang Tian Mdes’15

Francois Gramoli (MIA ’12)

Sebastian Whyte (MDes ’13)

Faculty Support:

Heinrich Hermann

Markus Berger

Liliane Wong

Faculty Contributors:

Peter Yeadon

Faith Baum

Student Contributor:

Kelsey Versteeg (MIA ’12)


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